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Cover photo from “AllesWirdGut”

AllesWirdGut Weg Schauen

Welcome: Ulrich Müller

Introduction: Tex Rubinowitz

Since 1999, AllesWirdGut has worked on projects of various size. For example, the Civil Defense Center in Innichen (2007), a new design for festival grounds in Römersteinbruch (2008), and a house in Krems, Lower Austria (together with feld72, 2010) have all been built over the past few years. Last year, they completed the Herzberg residential complex (together with feld72) and won a competition for the WIFI Technical Center in St. Pölten (2013).

In their work, AllesWirdGut concentrates primarily on questions of content and the resulting synergies, meaning a complementary approach that saves resources. Using this pragmatic approach, the potential of the design task and its context is precisely examined and “problems” are ultimately considered opportunities for new unexpected possibilities. The aim of this work method is to find additional qualities and to develop the design appropriately — above and beyond the immediate task given. The architectural form is developed each time from the specific task. The arrangement of paths to and around the building consistently plays an important role, in addition to the resulting network of buildings in the surroundings.

The exhibition picks up on this aspect of path arrangement and examines potential sequences from two seemingly similar projects: the new house in Krems, Lower Austria, and the study for a new building for Wimmer Media in Linz. The sequence of spaces is the focus, when one walks in and between publicly accessible areas via various paths. The analysis is made with the help of juxtaposing positive and negative models, also known as weg partitur (or scripted) diagrams, and perspectival sequences resembling storyboards. The elementary characteristics of the single, spatial sequences are deliberately visualized with a sketch-like character through abstract depiction. The comparative juxtaposition makes clear the dramaturgical potential possessed by, what are in principle, unspectacular spaces. This potential can be actively perceived as sequences when walking through.