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Cover photo from “Anupama Kundoo”

Anupama Kundoo Building Knowledge, Building Community

Welcome: Ulrich Müller, Wolfgang Reul

Introduction: Jörg Gleiter

“In the context of global crises related to urban growth, new construction alternatives could become generators of integral development. The urgent need for livable conditions creates the opportunity to redefine a holistic approach to urban development and an equal society with growing knowledge and skills, reversing the trends of social segregation, environmental degradation, and unaffordable housing solutions. Knowledge is empowerment. Design steers the way. Architecture is the result of building knowledge, building processes and building community while building housing.”

The way in which Anupama Kundoo describes the aims of her work resonates with the power of a manifesto – one in which knowledge and education are as important as the design process itself. Playing an important role in the implementation of this holistic approach is the material ferrocement. The use of innovative reinforcement materials enables ferrocement building elements to be as thin as 25 mm, significantly reducing transport and assembly costs.
Last year, Anupama Kundoo conducted a research project on ferrocement technology in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Mike Schlaich and Dr. Arndt Goldack at the TU Berlin. Student participants worked with Indian craftsmen to produce a number of ferrocement prototypes which were then presented at the 15th Architecture Biennale in Venice. Two of these prototypes can now be seen in this exhibition. “Full Fill Home” is a modular system of blocks that can be variably mounted. “Easy WC” is a compact sanitary unit comprising a shower, sink, and toilet. Both prototypes consist of prefabricated elements that can be assembled by their users both quickly and easily.

Anupama Kundoo founded her practice in Auroville, India in 1990. Since 2014 she has also run a branch in Madrid. She has since realized a number of projects including the Wall House, Auroville (2000), Mitra Youth Hostel, Auroville (2006), Town Hall Complex, Auroville (2006), Volontariat Housing for homeless children, Pondicherry and Kanade House, Pune (2015). She received her doctoral degree from the TU Berlin in 2008 with her thesis on “Urban Eco-Community: Design and Analysis for Sustainability.” Since 2014, she has served as Professor of Affordable Habitat at the UCJC Madrid.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the publication of the book “Wege zur Architektur 12 – Anupama Kundoo” by our main sponsor, FSB Franz Schneider Brakel.