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Cover photo from “Mensing Timofticiuc – Small Portfolio”
Book release

Mensing Timofticiuc – Small Portfolio Marius Mensing, Anca Timofticiuc, Dino Simonett, Martina Baer

Welcome: Ulrich Müller

Marius Mensing and Anca Timofticiuc in conversation with publishers Dino Simonett and Martina Baer on the book Mensing Timofticiuc – Small Portfolio.

„It’s all about the mix! Mensing Timofticiuc present all the relevant projects in this first book. Built or unbuilt, their architecture has a fresh radicality and seduced us to make a very beautiful and atypical book full with views and insights. A red thread leads from page one to page sixty-four, a text by the architects and an editor’s note complete this small marvel.“ (

Marius Mensing and Anca Timofticiuc met during their studies and have been working together inseparably ever since. They think of buildings that have an independent, radical expression in the world, that create value through their autonomy, and whose autonomy is a spatial quality. They believe that buildings should deal with artificiality by creating a whole out of thought and material. Coherence begins with an awareness of artificiality. To this end, buildings should have a radiant power and trigger something in their surroundings and in the observer. They are interested in constructing buildings that are magical. Perhaps by turning something ordinary into something unusual and attempting something impossible.

Dino Simonett and Martina Baer are the owners of the small publishing company Simonett & Baer in Basel. They invent, develop, create, produce and distribute radical art books & architecture books of highest quality in content and form – sophisticated art books in splendid beauty®. Through a vibrant programme of books, collector’s editions, catalogues, book launches, exhibitions, events, talks and debates, Simonett & Baer challenges perceived notions and stimulates debate, experimentation, creativity and exchange with artists, contributors, collectors, readers and visitors.

Mensing Timofticiuc – Small Portfolio
Limited Edition
Thread-bound hardcover, 17,5 x 25 cm, 64 pages
ISBN 978 3 906313 39 9
Publisher Simonett & Baer