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Cover photo from “Roger Boltshauser”

Roger Boltshauser Transformator II

Welcome: Ulrich Müller

Introduction: Jan de Vylder

Although Roger Boltshauser is known for his work as an architect, for a long time it was not clear whether his path would lead to architecture or art. Inspired by Joseph Beuys, Anselm Kiefer, Arnulf Rainer, as well as Swiss Neo-Expressionists, he was already producing and exhibiting his artworks while pursuing a degree in architecture. He has remained faithful to both disciplines, with the result that his independent artworks cannot be explained without his architectural work, and conversely, his architectural work cannot be explained without his artistic work.

His first exhibition at Architektur Galerie Berlin highlighted his realized projects; this new exhibition focuses on his sketches. Despite being a completely different medium, they address the same transformational processes. Ultimately, Roger Boltshauser is concerned at all levels with the constant search for an authentic answer that integrates as many aspects as possible. As such, art, design, and construction take place in constant parallel processes to form a common work.

The sketches, drawn on used envelopes, represent an archive of perceptions, ideas, and projects. Filling the gallery walls in a strict grid, they combine to form a library. A ladder on a rail around the space allows close study even of the drawings hanging above, while mobile shelves present a new monograph of Boltshauser’s work. In addition, a cinematic manifesto on sustainability in architecture transfers the drawings into the reality of building. Meanwhile, in front of the gallery, visitors can condense a pile of earth into an archaic rammed-earth wall.

The monograph “Roger Boltshauser” (Triest Verlag, Zurich, ed. Martin Tschanz) will be published to accompany the exhibition.