Peter Wilson Small World Theory

Peter Wilson_neo liberal abstractions_inner frame,

Peter Wilson_neo liberal abstractions_inner frame

Peter Wilson_west cromwell_2013,

Peter Wilson_west cromwell_2013

Peter Wilson_convertiblebox_2007,

Peter Wilson_convertiblebox_2007

This is not an exhibition of the architecture of BOLLES+WILSON, more my private reveries – objects or bi-products accidentally brought into being by the hand of the architect. Such enigmatic objects (counter-factual histories) are also reflections on the field of production, technologies and cultural anomalies endemic to the early years of the 21st century. They conjure the relations of singularities to multiplicity, a soft empiricism that insists on the aesthetic and textural character of representation (but not representation as 2D images which today exist in such overwhelming superfluity – claiming and numbing our perception). These objects are monads in the sense of Leibniz or Benjamin, tiny cells (on average 2 x 15 x 15 cm), small worlds, in total a taxonomy of scripted physical narratives.

The object titles are significant, they are in English (my native language) and owe a certain debt to Laurence Sterne or Glen Baxter, e.g. ‘Continental Drift and What to do About it’, others are more specifically referenced, e.g. ‘Freaky Suit Malevich’. Also works like ‘Beuys im Knast’ (Beuys in Jail) or ‘Psychological Disturbances of the Neanderthaler’ play on the ‘lost in translation syndrome’ resulting from their author’s cultural displacement.

The exhibition title ‘Small World’ Theory implies chains of correspondences, the wacky science of average path lengths for (social) networks, degrees of separation and the connecting of a maximum number of points. Gaussian random walks are expected.

Peter Wilson