Young talents No. 5: UdK Berlin / Studios Arets, Fröhlich, Götz und Sobejano


Architektur Galerie Berlin is hosting the fifth exhibition with the theme “Young Talent” presenting different student work to a broad public. Through this exhibition, visitors are exposed to the subjects that architects from tomorrow are addressing.

This year’s guests are students from the studios Wiel Arets, Martin Fröhlich, Bettina Götz and Enrique Sobejano from the Berlin University of Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin). Taking concepts about residential construction, the students not only worked out complex preliminary groundwork for projects. Since most of the projects were planned for real sites in Berlin, they accomplish important field research. Creating living space will become a very important matter in Berlin’s future, where a variety of solutions will be necessary. The presented works could become an important foundation for further discussion.

Studio Arets students designed apartments for a remnant building lot. With the theme “cinematic living” they try to get a sense of a living philosophy typical for Berlin. At studio Martin Fröhlich, students address “dimensional accuracy of living”. Based on the idea of a growing house, a living space for one’s own needs was designed, which was enlarged later on for a community. Under the title “Le cadavre exquis” studio Götz designed a residency on a one-hundred-square-meter sized property. All of the individual parts are linked resulting in an entirely new house. Finally, at studio Sobejano the house was considered the result of restrictions. Each student proposed a semidetached house for an extremely narrow property, which is based on a particular resident profile, a text or sensation: fortune and necessity.

Exhibition design was selected from submissions to a student competition under the supervision of chairman Martin Fröhlich. Using simple means the exhibition design translates different settings of a task, given by the individual studios, into atmospheric settings: A lounge area for watching movies (Arets), a furnished minimal floor plan (Fröhlich), individual models linked to form an entirely new house (Götz), and a tight, partitioned area symbolizing a narrow empty lot (Sobejano).