Architektur Galerie Berlin


Architektur Galerie Berlin. Storefront Images 2011 – 2021

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Architecture exhibitions are conventionally designed to take place in interior spaces. The exhibitions at Architektur Galerie Berlin expand this experiential arena by actively using the large shop windows facing the wide boulevard of Karl-Marx-Allee. They transform the gallery into a kind of stage, whose auditorium and the initial layer of encounter is the public urban space.
Depending on the exhibition theme, different images are created: offensive, introverted, complex, minimalist – each a translation of an inner story into a narrative that can also be read from the outside. The windows build a bridge between the struggles and developments within the field of architecture and the realities of life in the city.
Through this practice, the gallery has evolved to become a part of urban history, where fractures and transformations in the discourse and self-image of the discipline have been legible for a decade.

Photos by Jan Bitter

agps  AllesWirdGut  Archi-Union  Atelier ST
BEHF  Behles&Jochimsen  Benthem Crouwel  Tatiana Bilbao  bogevischs buero  Roger Boltshauser  Burkhalter Sumi
Caramel  Caruso St John  Christ&Gantenbein  Cukrowicz Nachbaur
Norihiko Dan  Duplex
Edelaar Mosayebi Inderbitzin
Jacques Ferrier
Gigon/Guyer  Graber Pulver
Heike Hanada  Christoph Hesse  HolzerKobler  huggenbergerfries
jessenvollenweider  JSWD
kadawittfeldarchitektur  KAWAHARAKRAUSE  Robert Konieczny  Anupama Kundoo
Meili, Peter Partner  HG Merz  Miller&Maranta  :mlzd  Morger&Dettli  MVRDV
pool  PPAG
Philippe Rahm
Luca Selva  Adrian Streich
Tabanlioglu  Tchoban Voss
Wiewiorra Hopp Schwark  Wowhaus  Wulf

Cover photo from “Architektur Galerie Berlin. Storefront Images 2011 – 2021”
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