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Architektur Galerie Berlin 10 Thoughts Berlin, 2018
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10 Thoughts on exhibiting contemporary architecture at Architektur Galerie Berlin


The Architektur Galerie Berlin is a meeting point for people and ideas.

The gallery space is a workshop for intellectual and spatial research to test ideas that extend beyond daily practical work.

Exhibiting architecture is the continuation of architecture by other means.

The fact that architecture actually can’t be exhibited is not a disadvantage but the foundation for an independent genre with its own rules.

To exhibit architecture means trusting in the physical and three-dimensional properties of architecture to meet the enormous potential of New Media.

Although the architecture exhibition format is unique it works with all available communication tools.

The idea of “conceptual exhibitions” is to translate an architectural idea into a compelling spatial statement.

Each exhibition is a new project and must find its own expression in form and content following the keyword “transformation“.

A good exhibition is like a building – with several layers that can be experienced or read, one after the other.

The role of the gallerist is to be a catalyst.