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OPEN MONUMENT. Research on ephemeral commemoration architecture and modernist patrimony

29 Euro

Herausgeber: Marta Jecu

This volume deals with historic or fictive monuments after they have disappeared as a consequence of ideological or political systems that have changed and follows what happens with the accumulation of information that persists in the material carcases of the built forms. In focus is how does this lost information convert at a moment when a change of paradigm happens in the social thinking. Theoretical texts, guest essays, artists’ special visual inserts, reference material and interviews follow how political vestiges, processes of commemoration and appropriation of cultural information can shape a dynamic memorial culture infused with cross-references and which can be its architectural outcome.

Many of the contributions gathered in this volume investigate moments in which the city itself throws out information from its fabric and the void that this displacement left behind, or the imprints and mutations that time left in the built form, the way architecture is a reservoir in which information is selected, confined until it is practically brought into disappearance, as well as the fossilisation of the recent industrial heritage that is assimilated as a sort of futuristic recreation of the past that retrospectively distorts reality. The contributions are engaged in an argumentative way to use, adapt and reconsider the architectonic legacy of modernism and to concoct a permeable monument, non-symbolic and that proposes a dynamic historicization.

Artists: Carlos Bunga, Delio Jasse, Hironari Kubota, Matias Machado, David Maranha, Luca Pozzi, Cristian Rusu, Sancho Silva, Yukihiro Taguchi, Nuno Sousa Vieira, Sinta Werner.